What Causes Wrinkles?

The eye can not lie, goes a saying in urban folklore. The same statement can be applied with the same amount of truthfulness about the face. One of the very first signs of aging is the appearance of facial wrinkles, folds, creases, and fine lines. Sometimes they can appear as a result of lifestyle choices gone wrong. There are at least a handful of habits which can make the clock tick faster and prompt one’s face to mature faster. Let’s take a look at which they are.

Modern society requires men and women to look outstanding around the clock. This has made industries such as the cosmetics and plastic surgery one prosper greatly on top of humanity’s very own vanity. The market is overflown with vastly-marketed products that have close to no real effect. Thankfully, humanity has noticed this and the recent cultural wave of ecologically-wise individuals brought a lot of traditional beauty and health remedies which can provide better results.

Did You Know?

Wrinkles are often thought of as age-related problems that are only experienced by women as is the accumulation of cellulite. Nature has not been so graceful to the strong gender and men are equally prone to become a reflection of their lifestyle choices or the passing of time. The latter is often embodied by the gradual decrease of elastin levels in the human body.

There is no single cause for the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It varies from one person to the other and can depend on a couple of different factors. One thing is for sure – there is not a single person on the planet who is immune to their appearance.

The following article seeks to examine all the reasons for this in great detail and provide an exhaustive explanation as to which are the exact factors that could prompt the coming into sight of wrinkles.

Process of Growing Old

Hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen levels in the human organism gradually begin to decrease with time. This leads to the natural appearance of wrinkles, folds, and fine lines. The sad news is that the more of them begin to show, the more does the skin lose its elasticity and glow. It becomes dry and begins to sag.

It is a closed process as the loss of resilience leads to the coming into sight of more wrinkles. Experts state that it is best to undertake preventative measures beforehand as the reverse procedure is nearly impossible, no matter what kind of cosmetics one applies or how many collagen injections he is willing to go through.

Having an Unhealthy Food Regime

Everything that goes into one’s body will take its subsequent toll. Even the best possible genetic heritage can not save one from a bad diet. It is not an overnight process as the first effects from it become visible later in life, not long after the 30th anniversary.

Products that are rich in fat like margarine, sugar drinks, white bread, pizza, industrial vegetable oil, pastries, processed meat and cheese, and candy bars, can make one look years older, not just affect his or her body.


Nowadays smoking is not as heavily advertised in TV commercials and movies as it used to be, but there is still a serious portion of the world’s population, 30% to be more accurate, that likes to light one up. Regular nicotine consummation can lead not only to a number of serious illnesses like cancer and lung failure, but it also makes one’s skin get dry quicker and, thus, age faster.

Scientific studies prove that smokers are exposed to a greater risk of having prematurely aged skin than non-smokers. A number of dangerous toxins are also accumulated by the body when smoking which also imposes the threat of having wrinkles way before one’s coevals.

Regular Drinking

Alcohol has taken more lives than any other life-threatening factor. Anyone who is not convinced of this can take a look at the number of fatal car accidents and bar fights. It also causes the skin to become more dehydrated and lose its natural elasticity with time. This is visible even after a single night of drinking – it does not have a fresh glow anymore and is prone to puffiness.

Wearing Heavy Make-Up

The fashion industry is not going to like this, but it is a proven fact. Wearing make-up dries up one skin and forgetting to remove it before going to bed in the evening is even more dangerous. Stretching the face in order to apply it is also regarded as one of the main causes for the appearance of wrinkles.

Exposing Unprotected Skin Areas to UV Light

One should never forget to bring sunscreen and sunblock to the beach. Exposure to concentrated and highly dangerous UV radiation must be minimized.

There are also a number of other environmental factors which may have a negative effect on the human skin, such as toxins and residual gas emissions in the air.

Less Stress & More Time for Relaxation

There are lots of other factors which can make one’s skin age faster. Undergoing a lot of stress is a crucial one as well as gravity and the repetitive facial patterns that every individual is prone to. Experts advise that taking the time to enjoy life will not only improve one’s mood but also bring back the youthful glow on his face.

Relaxation and getting enough sleep are also important, people just have to remember to never sleep in a face down position as it is also regarded as part of the causes for the appearance of wrinkles.

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