Dehydrated Skin Wrinkles – Why Is Dehydration Bad For You?

When you lose more water than you are taking in, this results in the dehydration of your body. This can lead to the dehydration of your skin which is not a type but a condition. Series of skin problems, dry skin and wrinkles are all linked to your body being chronically dehydrated. This condition can be caused by different factors, including an unbalanced diet that features a lot of unhealthy food, the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, as well as smoking. External factors like the weather also affect the level of hydration of your skin.

People lose water and dehydrate through physical activity and through the duration of a sickness, as well. It is also harder for our cells to stay hydrated as we age. Still, skin care should be prioritized because it reflects how healthy your cells are and what is the overall condition of your organism. Since the body does not prioritize your skin when you are dehydrated, you need to take care of that yourself.

Causes & Effects of Dehydrate Skin

Water is lost throughout the day, every day. It happens for various reasons:

  • You might not have access to drinking water – on the road, while camping or hiking
  • You are ill – various illnesses and the sudden appearance of acute diarrhea cause severe dehydration; sweating due to a high fever dehydrates the skin
  • Physical activity – while you are training or doing some kind of heavy work, your body sweats as well, leading to the loss of water and dehydration if you do not replenish your reserves.

Season changes and weather anomalies also inflict damage on the skin and lead to its dehydration. This could result in a flaky and dull skin, that has become more sensitive than usual. Lack of water in your cells will lead to the loss of elasticity of your skin. This happens because collagen, which is mostly water and protein, is inadequately hydrated. Loss of elasticity leads to the formation of dehydrated skin wrinkles.

If you don’t know whether you have problems with your complexion, read below to learn how to recognize the signs.

Dehydrated Skin Wrinkles – Symptoms

If you have ever had a sunburn, symptoms of skin dehydration are close to it. You will feel it tight and itchy. There is a significant difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is a skin type that does not produce natural oils, meaning it is not an oily skin. Whereas, as mentioned above, dehydrated skin is a skin condition.

Good to Know:

All skin types can become dehydrated at some point as dehydration is the lack of water in the cells. Even if your skin is oily, it can still exhibit characteristics of dehydration.

You can overcome mild cases of skin dehydration just by increasing your intake of fluids. Make sure you seek medical treatment if the case is severe and involves a burning sensation as well as redness. Hot water can also cause dehydrated skin wrinkles, as it breaks down lipids, leading to the formation of cracks. Make sure you carefully choose your skin care products so that they do not produce a negative effect on your skin.

Prevent & Treat Dehydrated Skin Wrinkles

If you can properly understand the general causes for the emergence of dehydrated skin wrinkles, you would be able to both take measures and repair the damages that have been done. Make sure you use soft soaps and gentle facial scrubs. Do not overuse your skin-care products because they speed up the dehydration of the skin cells.

To assist the process of hydrating your skin, make sure you use quality moisturizers so that your skin does not lack moisture.

Say “NO” to Dehydrated Skin Wrinkles

Increasing the intake of water, using quality face products and balancing your diet can help your skin stay hydrated. Leaving the cells without water can not only inflict damage on your skin but the state of your organism as a whole.

Remember to always seek medical help in cases of severe dehydration.

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