How Did Came To Be?

The concept for occurred to me late one evening when I was researching the Internet and trying to find a way in which I could naturally improve my physique. Available health and beauty regimens were many and I had already tried most of them. Nothing seemed to work.

I thought that it would have been amazing if there was a blog I could visit and read product reviews as well different tips, advice, and interesting facts about the human body. Some did exist but none of the featured information that was adequate enough.

What I did after this was that I gathered a team of health enthusiasts who, just like me, wanted to provide the Average Joe with objective and unbiased opinions. I sincerely hope that we successfully manage to do so.

Our professional backgrounds are different – some are beauty columnists, others are doctors. I, myself, am a former accountant who turned to teaching yoga after several life-changing events. I believe that it is equally important for one to take good care of his body as well as his soul.

This is the key to being in a harmonious relationship with yourself and others.

Our Goals

We seek to provide you with beautifying product reviews, informative articles and different kind of tips. Our most sincere wish is that you find them truly helpful and useful. The Internet can be full of biased commentaries and our goal is to make a difference.

Opt for the Best

The health of your body and inner peace of your should be the thing which is most important to you. Everything else in life comes and goes. Don’t forget to take proper care of both of these things and you will find harmony.

Our beauty product reviews and articles are based on extensive research and consultations that were carried out with experts in a given field. Of course, they do contain a small portion of our personal opinions as well. We try to provide you with the best possible tips! And we hope to succeed in this.

Because you deserve THE BEST!

Sincerely yours,

George Willis
& the Team